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  • Eternity Gown
  • Eternity Gown
  • Eternity Gown
  • Eternity Gown
  • Eternity Gown
  • Eternity Gown
  • Eternity Gown

Eternity Gown – Made To Order

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This item can be customized and made to order Made to order or In stock
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Eternity Gown by nicolangela

Just like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and many other celebrities, you will be able to enjoy the shear look with confidence with the eternity gown.

It’s a floor length gown with high quality durable fabric for the skirt and sheer fabric for the bodice. The bodice is made out of seasonal lace and is very much on trend. You’ll enjoy the long sleeves on those cooler evenings, and when there are more  formal occasions. Available in black, and ivory, with 2 lace options the Eternity gown by Nicolangela would be ideal for conservative weddings. The gown can be customised to have an open back or full back depending on your occasion and preference.

You’ll feel like a princess in the Eternity gown, just add a matching bag and your outfit is complete.

For full details on MADE TO ORDER

*The Eternity Gown takes approximately 6 weeks to make however if you require your dress sooner please let us know, we will do our best to accommodate.

Nicolangela is all Australian and proudly Melbourne Made.