• Welcome to Nicolangela.
    We are focused on creating beautiful, well made, timeless pieces to enhance and complement all women.

    Our process of design is organic, we design as we construct our garments.

    We refine, refine and refine some more until we reach a point where we feel giddy, that’s when we know we’ve designed something truely beautiful we ourselves would love to wear and own.

    This experience of creation & personalisation is translated to you when you receive your gown.

    Wether you receive your beautiful gown delivered to your door, or you are personally styled in our showrooms, you will experience that same giddy feeling we had when we created it.

    We are nicolangela

    Proudly Designed and Made in Melbourne Australia

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Welcome to the Nicolangela EBoutique

Melbourne Made with love x

The Nicolangela range was launched into the Australian market in 2000. Nicole Williams, designer of the brand Nicolangela creates beautiful designs from luxurious imported fabrics in small limited edition runs in their Melbourne Studio.

Nicolangela design, cut and make their carefully curated collections in house, they engage in low waste practices, with careful management of materials. Making small limited edition runs in house the brand manages a sustainable approach to all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Nicolangela’s designer collections feature made to order and ready to wear dresses for Bridesmaids, Brides, Black Tie, Red Carpet, Weddings and Formal events. The collections are showcased at seasonal fashion shows such as Melbourne Fashion week, Mercedes Australia Fashion Week and the Virigin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Nicolangela offers exceptionally high quality designs that will stand the test of time.

The online store offers free delivery within Australia and ships worldwide.

Nicolangela is all Australian and proudly Melbourne Made

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